Veritas Divining

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I'm a Tarot Practitioner (and a Pagan Witch) who has been Reading Cards since June 2016- and I am an Agender, Bi, Ace, Filipino American(my pronouns are They/Them)

a color photograph of Mx. Cres Veritas- it's a portrait shot

a color photograph of Mx. Cres Veritas- it's a portrait shot


these are the base prices for my offerings:-----
+ $10 for a Yes/No Pendulum Question
+ $30 for a 5 Card Spread
My services are available at Discounted Rates on my ko-fi page (there are Monthly Membership Tiers and Commissions)Sliding Scale options are also available (for queer folks in need)- please ask me about them if you are eligible!(tips are optional and always appreciated!)

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I do not do Readings on the following:+ Third parties and/or others without their consent+ Medical or Death-related Queries+ Past/Future Lives+ large Legal MattersPlease note that you are getting advised by a layperson- my advice is not a replacement for things best left to professionals, such as therapists and legal counsellorsI am not responsible for your actions that you take after/upon receiving my advice; also, know that the future is not set in stone, it is up to you to make it what you will, not anyone else (especially not me).


Reviews from folks I've done Tarot Readings for! <3

Fellow Readers

other folks to consider if I am not available:Buni (twitter details)

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I always want to hear feedback on the Readings I do for you, please talk to me about such when you are free and able afterwards

Cres did my Tarot reading in January of last year, and it honestly changed how that year went for me. Through the cards, Cres revealed things in my life I had been unwilling to confront, and gave me a new perspective that allowed me to make real changes. Most importantly, Cres was caring and compassionate throughout my reading. I would highly recommend getting a reading from them.- Sophie, February 3, 2019